All Grown Up

On Saturday, August 20, one of my oldest friends, Travis, will host a charity basketball game at the Boys and Girls Club in Statesville, NC. The event is to raise funds for a scholarship that he created to honor his late mother, the Vickie Scott Memorial Scholarship at Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU). The scholarship will be awarded annually to a JSCU Social Work student in his or her junior year.  No Limit Larry, a local radio personality will MC and former Carolina Panther Nick Goings will be a special guest.

Travis earned his Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at JSCU in 2003. He created the scholarship earlier this year to not only to honor his mother, but also to give back to his alma matter. I am soooooooooooo proud of him and can’t wait for the game!

Travis and I met in the 5th grade. We competed at everything and always

Travis & me at our 10 year high school reunion. Mrs. Dickens would be so proud!

challenged each other. We had to know who’s test score was higher and in 6th grade foot races after lunch between us two were inevitable. I’ll never forget riding bikes with him and watching my dog Mario chase him (even though he claimed not to be scared of him!). In high school he did the best Martin impersonations (She-Nay-Nay, Jerome, Roscoe).  Even in college he always claimed that JSCU was better than Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) where I attended. Of course, I begged to differ.

One thing we do agree on is that his charity basketball game and scholarship is a great way to engage people in our hometown and help a young scholar. Who knows, he might inspire me to do the same for WSSU (except my scholarship would be better 😉 ). If I do follow his lead, at least in this competition, everyone wins!


Manic Monday

I’m a loser. No, no, hear me out–glasses, car keys, driver’s licenses, you name it, I lose something of great value, significance, or importance daily. A little over a year ago, I was doing the Great Passport Quest of 2010 so I wasn’t surprised when my keys seemingly vanished into the thin air last Wednesday. Color me shocked when they didn’t turn up! The next few days would be spent bumming rides, walking, and using the bus system–all of which was a little jarring since I’ve been driving and have had a car since I was 16! I walked and waited on buses so much I got a tan! People actually thought I’d gone to the beach!

Fast forward to the 11th hour on Sunday. Still no keys and not wanting to hitch yet another ride I take a crash course in navigating the Charlotte Area Transit System–CATS. My first few trips were within walking distance, but I took the bus because of the sweltering heat, and on the off chance that if I had to take it to work, I wouldn’t look like a NOOB. I found 2 routes that would take me to work, one more direct and through safer ares than the other. It was scheduled to arrive at 6:29, this was my Route A. To be on the safe side, I noted the time for a less direct, more “ambitious” route, just in case. Well, until that point every bus I’d taken had been between 5 – 10 minutes late. As I approach the bus stop at 6:25 (4 minutes early) I see the tail lights of Route A leaving the stop so Route B it was! Apparently I still looked like a NOOB because a nice young man approached and asked how often I took the bus and then inquired about my intended route. He informed me that the transfer involved with Route B wasn’t in the safest area.  He said that I shouldn’t attempt it alone for the first time and that my best bet was to transfer at the “transit” rather than on the street. Google Maps told me that doing so would make me late for work, but better late than dead.  I took his advice and went to the transit, transferred and finally arrived at work at 8:30. Did I mention that my job is only about 7 miles away from my home?

A Dora Doppelganger - Get it? Dora the Explorer

After getting settled into work answering some emails and starting some projects I called the nearest Ford dealership to see if they could create a key off my VIN number. No dice, but they did recommend a mobile locksmith. I called the mobile locksmith, and the guy sounded like he was under the influence of something so I decided to try my luck with other Ford dealerships, Ford B said they could do it for $100, and Ford C said $225, so I called AAA to arrange for Dora (my car) to be towed to Ford B even though it was about 30 mile drive away. When I get to Ford B at 12:30, I’m told that the receptionist with whom I spoke didn’t specify the make and model of my car when she inquired with the service department about creating keys with my car. The service guy was super-apologetic, but he could not make a key for my car. So now I’m stranded. He recommends a mobile locksmith, I call him, and he quotes me a price of $135–cash only. I only had $100 in cash because of the previous quote from Ford. I realize that AAA will cover up to $100 in locksmith services so I call AAA back to see if I can have them cover some of the cost. AAA wanted to know why I needed a locksmith since they had all the info from my previous call, so after explaining that Ford couldn’t make the key to at least two more AAA reps I’m told that AAA won’t cover the locksmith unless they dispatched a locksmith on my behalf. So I call Locksmith 1 back and cancel my service call and had AAA send someone out. I waited an hour before I was informed that a locksmith would be there by 4:45 and that I would have to pay $40 out of pocket. The locksmith arrived literally at the last minute of his ETA window. It took all of 7 minutes for him to cut my new keys. I asked if he was local to the area and he said that he was from Huntersville (right outside of Charlotte) and when he handed me a “complimentary” key ring, guess what it said: yep, Quick Keys. AAA dispatched a locksmith from the same company that I’d originally passed on! In the words of Fancy Nancy, I was devastated.

***And to amend my longest blog post ever, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that when I arrived home to meet the tow truck driver, Kiwi, my puppy had relieved herself inside of her kennel, rolled around in her feces, and managed to escape from the kennel. When I came inside greeted me at the door, jumping on me with her poo covered paws! I only had a 90 minute ETA from the tow truck driver so I had to bathe and dry her and clean the mess in record time. Wouldn’t you know the tow truck was early!

Hiatus Hiatus: Facebook Foolery Special Edition

I’ve been MIA for a while trying to figure out my next moves now that I’ve finished grad school. Funny, I had a plan that didn’t quite work out as planned and before I resort to Plan B, I’m tweaking the original plan, Plan 2.0 if you will. So dear 3 readers, please be patient with me as my indefinitehiatus continues.

While pursuing Facebook, I noticed that a Facebook friend liked an particularly odd status. Given the content of that status, I knew other gems and nuggets of wisdom must’ve been shared in response. Being the good FBI (Facebook Investigator) that I am, my assumption was unsurprisingly correct as I found this:

Yu @ynt mi r3@l kuz!n but @ll yu g0tt@ d0 !z s@y th@ w0rd k@us3 !m n3v@ m0r3 th@n @ k@ll @w@y


Transliteration: You ain’t my real cousin but all you gotta do is say the word cause I’m never more than than a call away.

Translation: Though we are not related by blood or marriage, I am only a phone call away if you should ever need anything.

Yeah. Dear Whitney, please call the children and let them know we want the future back.

I went to the cross for this?!?

* Ice Cube as Calvin in Barbershop 2 explained, that “Jesus wept” in John 11:35 as he mourned the death of his friend Lazarus, and saw how saddened Mary and Martha were during this time.Biblical scholars argue that Jesus did in fact weep, but he did so because of the people’s disbelief in his ability to bring Lazarus back from the dead. I submit a third theory: Jesus wept because He knew that some people in 2011, insistent upon spreading their ignorance with the rest of the world would refuse to use the brains God gave them. He knew that He would eventually have to take the wheel and right even more unnecessary wrongs.


Though I haven’t been much of a Gleek lately, Rachel (Lea Michelle) and Kurt’s (Chris Coffer) performance of “For Good” from the musical Wicked was 12 kinds of awesome. Maybe I was reliving my last night in London last summer when I saw the show on a whim or maybe it’s because Lea has the voice of an angel and the show gets me every time when her character Rachel really lets loose.

Whatever the reason, I thoroughly enjoyed it and thanks to Youtube, I can relive it (well at least the audio for now) over and over!


Where My Dogs At?

A proper grammarian, after cringing at the title, would astutely point out that “my dogs” are before the preposition.

Hey! Hey Blue! C'mon let's play!

I can attest, however, that my dogs, that’s right my dogs, as in 2 dogs are at home chillin’ at the Batcave, waiting for me to come home for a quick lunchtime walk.

For the past few months I’d been feeling like the most inadequate pet-parent ever. Blue was becoming increasingly anti-social so I reluctantly arranged to have him neutered.  The goal was to take the testosterone out of the equation and hope for a calmer, more pet personable boy. Part two of this aim, was to slowly re-introduce him to pet society so a few weeks ago I signed him up for an “independent study” at PetSmart. Since he knows basic commands, but couldn’t really deal with other dogs, the pet trainer suggested that he sit in on a puppy training course and that his goals would be a bit different from the rest of the class. Instead of learning come, sit, and stay,  Blue would learn to tolerate sharing his space with other members of the canine community. I scheduled the beginning of his classes to coincide with the end of his surgical recovery. His classes begin June 4 and I can’t wait.

Who could resist this face?

So, a funny thing happened on the way to Spay/Neuter clinic. I decided to peruse the dogs available for adoption and that’s when I found Kiwi, a five month old ABPT mix that looked like she could be Blue’s little sister. I began inquiring about adopting her and after getting the run around, jumping hurdles and making leaps and bounds I brought her home yesterday! She and Blue love each other and play together remarkably. Blue has the whole “cool older brother” thing down pat, while Kiwi is the “pesky little sister.”

I am so happy to have brought her into our family because she’s just what Blue needed and not to mention she’s ridiculously cute! Blue and I are still going to do the class at PetSmart. Now that Kiwi’s broken the ice, I think he’ll be well on his way to becoming a social butterfly which is great because he has several dog cousins that he has yet to meet.

Summer here we come!

Facebook Follies: 4/15/2011

Cough-cough shameless plug Facebook Folly Numero Dos:

Just in case you haven’t heard enough about what I’ve been doing with myself for the past 2 years…Kazam!

Facebook Follies: 4/8/2011

Ok, it’s technically 12:05 on April 9, but I just got back in town so work with me, ok?

Facebook Folly Numero Uno

So dude holla’s out to me at the store” where u going”. Im like ummm home. He’s like “Can i go wit u” im like “u think u can fit i got 3 kids back there” (obviously couldnt see them from the tint). Speechless…. I laughed so hard and rolled out. (Child’s name) was like why was that man staring at u! Laughed even harder!


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